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When it comes to computer algorithms, loops are essential. And with loop, comes a fundamental property that must be valid for a successful algorithm design; this property is called Loop Invariant. Take a look at the following pseudo-code for insertion sort:

for j = 2 to Arr.length
key = Arr[j]
i = j - 1
while i > 0 and Arr[i] > key
Arr[i+1] = Arr[i]
i = i - 1
Arr[i+1] = key


Ever wonder what programming languages do top tech companies use in their programs and software? No need to wonder. Because here is the list.







Although an expert command over one particular language is enough to start a promising career, sometimes an extra edge over another programming language or frameworks can go a long way. I hope this list helps to get an idea of what programming languages are most used in the top companies these days.

Source: GitHub.


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